It’s a common misconception that weddings should take place in the summer, but Winter weddings offer so much more! As very few people hold their wedding in January and February, yours will stand out; and there are so many wonderful ways you can embrace the season. Read on for the top reasons we LOVE the winter season for weddings.

The perfect opportunity to get everyone together. 

Christmas is over and everyone’s a bit blue; so holding your wedding in January is the perfect way to lift everyone’s spirits and give them something to look forward too. It’s also very likely that your guests will be available in January and February as people generally have less commitments; with holidays, festivals and graduation usually taking place in the warmer months.

Cosy wedding styling.

Let’s talk about styling. While Summer brides will be trying to sweat-proof their make-up, you can cosy-up in luxury fur shoals a knitted capes or warming blankets. You can even swap your heels for a comfortable pair of winter boots!

We can make the Manor look really cosy! We have plenty of wood burning stoves in the Manor which is sure to keep you and your guests warm throughout your special day. And, if you’re lucky enough to have snow on your wedding day, you can get some beautiful pictures; but, if you don’t, then you can ask your photographer to work their magic and fake it! You wouldn’t be able to get away with this in Summer.

The Manor is beautiful inside and out, so you will have great photo opportunities whatever the weather.

Food and drinks.

To compliment your cosy styling, you can provide a range of warming drinks throughout the day. The perfect Winter welcoming drinks are mulled wine and cider or spiced cranberry cocktails.

We also love these delicious hot chocolate stations; complete with all of the trimmings – think cinnamon sticks, marshmallows, chocolate drops and bailey shots!

For the food, you really will be spoiled for choice; think comforting food and lot’s in-season vegetables to keep your guests warm and cosy. You could serve up a carvery style roast dinner with seasonal vegetables or a classic British dish like Shepard’s pie or sausage and mash. A good hot dessert will also be perfect to warm you and your guests up, something like an classic crumble with custard, sticky toffee puddings, or a melt in the middle chocolate pudding.

Dates are generally cheaper.

If you’re not already convinced that a winter wedding could be perfect for you; then maybe the price will. At Old Down Estate, we have special offers on selected dates in January and February and we are currently offering £500 off if you hold your wedding with us before March 2018.  Aside from saving on the venue, you will also be in a better position to negotiate better prices as suppliers will be quieter at this time of the year.

If you would love a winter wedding after reading this blog – Contact us and one of our expert co-ordinators will be in touch.