Joey S

Joey S

Joey S

Estate Manager

What do you love about your job?

Working with a diverse team; each person has their own quirks and ways about them that we can all learn from. Everyone is very excepting of you as an individual and makes for a great team. This is particularly evident when everyone works operationally going above and beyond for the success of a park event.

Past work in the industry or comparisons as to where you have worked before in hospitality?

Old Down is like no other hospitality business, it is all about the people and our visitors. You should except to work hard and laugh a lot in the process. No one is too proud to chip in and the Managers lead from the Front earning the respect of the teams.

What you do in your free time?

Walking the dogs and spending time with friends and family.

What’s your favourite photo spot on the estate?

The views looking down the Valley from the Bell tents is breath taking in the mornings.

Funny or eventful story from working at Old Down?

Jumping on the beds in the Manor to capture a social media video in a unicorn mascot outfit!

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Telephone: 03447 769380