Saturdays are the most popular day of the week to have a wedding – but, after years and years of thinking that Saturday was the best day to hold a wedding, we had it all wrong! Friday is the new Saturday for weddings. Here’s why:

Friday weddings are cheaper – At The Manor at Old Down Estate, Friday weddings are £800 less than Saturdays. Other vendors typically offer discounts for Monday-Friday weddings – so having your wedding on a Friday is an easy way to cut a few hundred pounds off your budget.

You’ll get a long weekend – A Saturday wedding will eat up most of your guests day but with a Friday wedding, your guests still have the whole weekend to relax and recover. Having a long weekend also gives your out-of-town guests the opportunity to have a mini-vacation to explore the city.

You can spend more time with your family & friends – You will be able to spend the rest of the weekend catching up with your family and friends; with the stress of your weekend long gone before Saturday.
Availability – The best venues, entertainers, photographers & make-up artists usually get booked up really quickly on a Saturday as it is the natural go-to day for a wedding. So, by getting married on a Friday, you have a higher chance of booking the venue & suppliers you really want for you wedding day.

More time to soak up the day – Friday receptions often start later in the day, so you can enjoy a hair appointment or a brunch to catch up with your bridesmaids, family and friends before the ceremony. Your wedding day is naturally a busy day and time flies so quickly, so by having the whole day to spread everything out will be such a blessing! You’ll get Saturday to bask in the glow of your glorious day, open your presents and relax and get ready for your honeymoon.

Your guests will thank you – You may be worried that your guests may not want to take a day off work for your wedding, but believe me, they don’t mind. If they want to be there, they will be and they will be glad that you ‘required’ them to take a day off of work!  Most people want something fun to do on Friday after a long week at work – so they will happily begin their weekend with your wedding. It will set a fabulous tone for the weekend of your guests.

It’s a common misconception that people won’t want to come to your Friday wedding. But, this isn’t true! Your guests should be more than happy to come and celebrate with you on a Friday. They will get to let off some steam after a hard work week & they have an excuse to take the day off work too! Plus, their whole weekend is then free to do whatever they choose.

We LOVE Friday weddings, and your guests will too! Contact us today to book your Friday wedding.