We hear time and time again from Chinese whispers that people think that it is very expensive to hold a wedding at Old Down Estate, amongst other things.  This couldn’t be more far from the truth! We want to try and change this common misconception by explaining the ins and outs!

The renovations to the Manor cost £5million

Yes this is true! It was a huge project that took 2 years to complete.  It was totally worth it though as the finish of the property is outstanding and is something we get complimented on all the time.  This doesn’t mean that our weddings and events cost £5million though!

It costs on average £30,000 to get married at Old Down – I’m out!

This is not the case whatsoever! If you were to use the house for a whole weekend and catered for around 150 in the day and 200 in the evening – perhaps.  Most couples though use the property for 24 hours and an average wedding costs our couples £12,000.  For full exclusivity of the Manor and surrounding grounds, the very best cuisine and service, this is a steal for the best day of your life!

I’ve heard you have to pay 50% upfront!

Absolute rubbish! In fact, we offer really flexible payment terms.  A lot of venues ask for a percentage upfront.  We ask for a non refundable deposit of £1000 to secure the date.  After which, we do not require any further payments until 2 months prior to the date (50%) and 1 month before (final balance and accommodation).  We are even really happy for you to pay us monthly or in installments if you prefer.

They don’t allow fireworks

This is true.  We have very valid reasons though.  We are also a popular farm attraction with many animals living on site.  We certainly do not want to frighten the animals.  There is a horse stable at the top of the drive too.  The house is positioned on top of a valley so any loud bangs can be heard for miles around.  We care about our neighbours and animals – we think that’s a valid reason not to allow them.  However, we are happy for you to use the silent type or sparklers to round the evening off.

They don’t offer outside caterers

Correct.  Here we believe that everything is organised for you, so you don’t have to deal with a separate catering company.  Chris Wicks our Head Chef can sit down with you both and create a bespoke menu or you can choose something from our extensive menus.  We even offer you the chance to “try before you buy” at one of our menu tasting events.

You can only get married there at the weekend

We have a full wedding license which means you can hold your wedding on any day of the week! This means you can get married on a special date such as an anniversary even if it falls on a Monday for example! Saturday’s are the most popular dates which means its the most expensive, followed by Friday and Sunday’s and then Monday – Thursday.  Mid week is a great alternative if you have a particular budget to meet.

Our pricing starts from only £2.300 for exclusive venue hire and then all our catering is charged per head based on what you really want.  It’s completely bespoke. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get a quote and organise a time to visit one of the most stunning wedding venues in the South West!  If the Manor isn’t your style then why not try The Barn at Old Down Estate.  A renovated barn setting complete with Victorian Walled Garden and rustic features.

It’s always best, if you are looking for that perfect venue for your next celebration, that you call us on 03447 769380 or email us at info@olddownestate.co.uk where you will receive accurate information and quotations. Our expert wedding and event managers are happy to help with your queries.