How to get the most out of your wedding venue

So …. it’s not a rehearsal. There are no dummy runs for a wedding day. You need to know everything about your wedding venue to save yourself any hiccups, unexpected costs, disappointments, last minute hitches; anything that might cause a wrinkle in the lead up to, and the smooth running of, your big day.

Be prepared to ask but also be prepared to listen:

If you don’t ask – you won’t ever know. This is your one chance to have a day which is completely tailored to you. If you choose the right venue it should have capabilities to adapt to your dreams.

But … be open to advice. This might be a one off for you but the wedding coordinators are specialists. Listen to their advice. If possible ask different staff the same key questions. They all have different roles and different perspectives.   Some might know the site better than others.

Don’t lose your head:

If you love it …..your guests will.   You do really need to love the venue, but keep your head when booking.   Logistics have to be right as well as the look and the feel.   Generally, wedding venues are gorgeous so you are likely to fall in love with the first one you see.    Give yourself the luxury of visiting 2-3 and make comparisons based on genuine, practical requirements ie number of guest, accessibility, rooms, cost.

Today is not ‘the’ day:

Your Venue tour date is not your wedding date.    Consider the season and time of day you’re planning to get married.   There’s no point loving a venue for its beautiful gardens in the summer if you’re planning a winter wedding for example.

10 key pointers which might get overlooked:

  1. Does the venue offer a dedicated wedding planner? We do 😉
  2. Are staff going to be on hand on the day itself?
  3. Is there a wet weather choice (contingency plan)
  4. How accessible is the venue?
  5. Can you test the catering or find reviews?
  6. Is VAT included in the bill?
  7. Does the venue have recommended suppliers – can you use your own photographer etc?
  8. Is there plenty of parking for your guests?
  9. Can you stay on site or overnight after the wedding?
  10. Can you get a full wedding package?

We are happy to offer advice on how to get the most from Old Down Estate.   The one thing you don’t want to add to your wedding wish list is …  I wish I had ……

Independently owned, Old Down Manor, is set in 66 acres of idyllic parkland, has recently had a £6m refurbishment and offers exclusive hire to ensure that the day and the venue are tailored to you. Book a viewing here!