Whether you’re looking to stop your wedding costs spiraling or you simply want to take a more personal, DIY approach to your wedding, then creating your own wedding stationery could be the answer.

Here are some tips which might help you on your way DIY stationery success:

Half Way House:

There are many online wedding sites or stationery sites which provide a range of relevant templates from which you can pick.    You then customise for a finished look that reflects you and your wedding.    The sites really hand-hold you through the process and then print the final design for you. Try the likes of Vistaprint.co.uk or specialist sites such as gingerray.com .

Go It Alone:

If you’re really techno-savvy then you can design from scratch to finish up with something completely unique with special finishing touches.    If you are creating stationery from scratch, it’s still worth consider farming it out to print.   Seldom does home printing go smoothly (especially with thicker paper stock),  it often produces a disappointing finish and actually costs more in ink than having it printed in a specialist retail outlet.

Paper Stock & Envelopes:

Consider carefully your choice of card.   The impact of your finished design will be massively affected by your choice of card.  Don’t skimp too much at this point.   Think about you choices; texture, gloss, matt, recycled …..

Similarly with the envelope – the way something is presented is key to a professional finished look.


However you decide to tackle the do-it-yourself stationery, you will definitely benefit from browsing around for ideas.  The internet, of course, is always a huge source of ideas but an essential part of the DIY journey is to really understand the finished look and feel and in order to do this you need to see some tangible examples to understand what you want to create.  At Old Down Manor, we’re holding Wedding Fayres in September and January:  a great place to gather ideas. Visit olddownestate.co.uk/weddings for further details.