There are so many ways that you can make your entrance on your wedding day. Your choice of carriage to the venue may be extravagant, budget minded, or free! We’re all different, but if you’re struggling to make a choice, here are some of our favourite ideas on how to travel in style!



Lets start small, and free. Maybe not the most practical way to arrive at your wedding, especially for a bride! Complete the look with a basket for your flowers, and you could even arrive on a tandem with your maid of honour. If you’re feeling brave you could hop on a motorbike, but prepare for your first argument as a married couple over who goes in the side car!

Bicycles for wedding

Horse and Carriage

Arrive like a Disney princess in a horse and carriage. Then have one on one pictures with your Prince Charming and the horses wearing wild flowers. They are so cute. What a good idea!


Vintage Cars

The most popular and traditional way to arrive to your wedding has to be by car. What better excuse to hire a classic car than to head to the altar with your dad. There are plenty of companies that offer a car and driver service for a reasonable price, wether you want a modern saloon, a vintage motor or a mini!


Tractors Trailer

Barn weddings are very popular so why not stay on theme by arriving on a tractor? You could even have your bridesmaids sat on hay bales on a trailer behind you. If that isn’t friendship, I don’t know what is! I love this, but maybe that’s because we’re surrounded by fields at Old Down Estate.



How about arriving to your venue on a dressed up London double decker bus? Hiring a bus can also be used as a great way to get your guests from the hotel, to the service and then on to the reception.


VW Campers

Probably the most practical vehicle on our list. VW Campers are nice and spacious for your dress and your dad, they’re fast enough, and they look so cool! They’re very popular at the moment so make sure you book sooner rather than later!


Something A Bit Different

Ok these are a bit out there. If you want maximum attention on your wedding day how about arriving by plane, boat or helicopter? You would, of course, have to find a venue that offers a runway, dock or helipad.

As these picture show, no matter what your transport budget is you can always get sweet, romantic photos.

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