Name your number one wedding fear. If you said rain, you’re not alone. Many couples – especially those who plan an outdoor wedding – worry that nothing more than the weather could ruin the whole day. But, we were once told by a New Zealand Bride that it’s actually lucky to have rain on your wedding morning. But, if you need some encouragement to embrace the idea of rain on your wedding day; we’ve gathered 5 reasons why you’ll actually want it – seriously.

You’ll love your photos

When you think of taking pictures in the rain you might think of frizzy hair, soaked shoes and smudged makeup. That aside, think about the amazing photo opportunities it can bring. Rain can create a lovely effect on camera and photos with umbrellas are so cute that you might even wish for rain! If rain is forecast on your big day, be prepared by creating umbrellas with the bridal party’s names on so the photos are even more cute! There are some great wedding umbrellas on the market which you can also incorporate into your wedding photos.

red Umbrella rain on your wedding

You could see a rainbow

Just imagine looking through the windows during your ceremony and seeing a beautiful rainbow illuminating the sky. You can also have the perfect rainbow backdrop – Who doesn’t love free decor?

It’s a sign of good luck

In your mind, rain may be the worse thing that could happen on your wedding day – a sign of really bad luck. But, in some cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck symbolising fertility and cleansing. So, if you’re superstitious or just prefer to look on the bright side – who couldn’t use a little good luck on their big day?

Rain gives you an excuse to cuddle

Rain is really romantic.┬áThe patter of rain on umbrellas and the windows is the sweetest sound you’ll hear and is often associated with romance. Just think of it this way: a light drizzle or huge downpour will encourage you to cuddle up close to your new spouse under the same umbrella for the cutest photographs.

You can say bye-bye to that stuffy nose

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, like hayfever, the last thing you’ll want on your wedding day is hot, sunny skies that will kick your allergies into high gear and you’ll be walking down the aisle with a red nose, red watery eyes and mascara dribbling down your cheek. Rain reduces airborne pollen, so it it’s allergy season, you and your wedding party will feel better.